Tutorial: Items

The Neyon Clash Prototype already offers a big variety of Items. In the future a lot of Items will be added to the game. Check out our list of items to get familiar with the Neyon Clash game.

Neyon Clash active King Item
Neyon Clash active King Item

Picking up Items

Items are picked up very easy: Just walk over and item and you will automaticvally pick it up. If an Item blinks, it will disappear soon. Make sure you will get it in time. All Items also provide points. The Point- and the King-Item provide most points.


The ammunition Item grants unlimited ammo for 60 seconds and 25 Points.


The health Item fills up your health completely and grants invulnerability for 30 seconds as well as 25 points.


The shield Item will grant 50 extra energy that protects your life energy. It will be deducted before your health is touched. It also grants 25 points.


The point Item grants 200 points and is a very good way to win a game.

King Item

The King-Item is the strongest in the game. It is visible to all players in the game. So whenever it spawns, everybody will hunt for it. It grants full health recovery, invulnerability for 45 seconds, unlimited ammo for 30 seconds and turns every opponent visible on the map for 10 seconds. It also provides 200 points.

Video Tutorial

In our newset Youtube-Video you can experience a full tutorial about all ingame items. Make sure to follow us on Youtube to receive latest Tutorials and updates on the game.

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