Tutorial: How to start a game?

Neyon Clash allows you to play a big variety of game modes. Our newest Tutorial will show you how to start a game.

Neyon Clash Start Screen

Game Types

Within the newest version Neyon Clash features King-Of-Items (the standard game type), capture-the-flag and domination maps as multiplayer modes, as well as a tutorial mode and survival challenge for single player.

Single or multiplayer?

Neyon Clash is mainly aiming at multiplayer gaming. The single player modes are helpful to learn the game mechanics and get used to the map perspective of the game. For multiplayer gaming you will need to be with other players physically.

With or without map?

The so called Neyon Grounds are required for some game modes like capture-the-flag or domination, since you have to set strategical objects (like flags or domination points). The mode king-of-items is playable without a Neyon Ground. We usually recommend to take some time to create a map that adepts the local conditions of your area (for example walls or blocking objects).

Game Start Options

Beside the choice of map you have the opportunity to adjust the game length. Neyon Clash games can be played from 5 up to 60 minutes. We recommend 10 minutes for a standard game. You can also choose a name for your match.

Tracking required

Since Neyon Clash is working with GPS you need to make sure to enable location tracking for the app.

Earn Club Ranking Points

You can "Join a Team" and decide with and against whom you want to play. If a team consists of several members from an identical club, they will earn ranking points for their club.

Video Tutorial

In our newset Youtube-Video you can learn step-by-step how to start a game. Make sure to follow us on Youtube to receive latest Tutorials and updates on the game.

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