Neyon Clash prototype available

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Download your Neyon Clash prototype now.

Neyon Clash Central Park New York
Neyon Clash Central Park New York

What is Neyon Clash? NeyonClash is a location-based real-time multiplayer game. To play NeyonClash you need an internet enabled smartphone and at least one other player. The game is played outdoors, for example in parks, courtyards or gardens. The goal is to collect the most points in a specified time. Points are earned by marking opposing players, collecting objects, capturing areas on a map or capturing flags. Each player can see his teammates on a map of the surroundings, opposing players are not visible. The player positions correspond to their real GPS positions. Enemy players can be marked by shooting in the exact direction of their real position, which corresponds to a classic target-hit mechanism. Thus NeyonClash offers an attractive combination of elements of real activities such as catching, hiding or paintball combined with virtual elements of hit games and augmented reality such as Pokémon-Go.

Neyon Clash Map Editor
Neyon Clash Map Editor

Design your own Maps.

The map editor allows you to create individual maps. The map editor contains all elements to implement the different game modes in maps. Players can also use the map editor to combine different modes to create their own worlds.

Worldwide ladders.

Players receive points for their victories. As the number of points increases, the players reach higher and higher levels. Players can compare themselves with other players at different levels. These include the environment, the city, the country and worldwide.

Fight with your friends.

To get organized, players can join clubs. Clubs also have their own ranking lists. Whenever players of a club win a game together, the club also receives points.

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