Neyon Clash Map-Contest Winners

Our map contest is over. We have a well deserved winner submitting a Neyon Arena within the Olympia Park in Munich (Germany). The 2nd place is from Perth, Australia. And our 3rd place goes to Magedeburg in Germany.

1st Place

Neyon Arena Olympiapark Munich Germany

Our 1st place was by far the most innovative map using most of the provided features and building a big and outstanding arena within the Olympiapark in Munich (Germany). The arena "Neyon Olympics" features all Neyon Clash game types. Well done AlDaMuc!

2nd Place

Neyon Arena Perth Australia

The 2nd place goes to Perth, Australia. 4zA734 has created a map within a green area surrounded by housing estates. "Blackall" is a pure Capture-the-flag arena featuring three flags and two spawnpoints.

3rd Place

Neyon Arena Magdeburg Germany

The 3rd place goes to a small but very competitive Neyon Arena. It is located in Magdeburg (Germany). The "Rentner-Spielplatz" features all Neyon Clash game modes and was build by "RedOneMD". Congratulations!

Thanks to all participants. We will definetely repeat the contest within the next weeks.

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