Neyon Clash as an alternative to Paintball and Lasertag

Neyon Clash is a real alternative to action-based hobbies, such as Paintball or Lasertag. It is even a strong alternative to teamsports. While activities like Lasertag need a fixed location, equipment and a schedule, Neyon Clash is much more flexible. It even comes 100% for free without any additional costs.


No matter if fitness studio, soccer field or the basketball court, all of them are very dependent on fixed locations and the corresponding activities can only be carried out there.

Neyon Clash can be played everywhere all over the world.


Most sports require different types of equipment. The equipment must be bought and carried. In most sports you will have to buy equipment on a regular basis.

Neyon Clash only requires your phone and friends to play with.


Impulsively performing a favorite sport is hard because of the preparation and organization with others, especially when it comes to the question of "when".

Neyon Clash can be played anytime. Our servers are available 24/7.


Most teamsports require inflexible membership models and monthly fees. You even face automatic renewals of contracts against your will.

Neyon Clash is 100% for free without any hidden costs.

Neyon Clash can be played everywhere and anytime without any equipment except your phone and has no additional costs. Therefor it is a real alternative to hobbies like paintball or lasertag.

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