Tutorial: How to create a Neyon Clash Map?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Neyon Clash can be played all over the world in a huge variety of locations. The real spice comes from a very good map that adapts the circumstances of your area and is suitable for your gametype.

Neyon Ground Capture the flag
Neyon Clash Capture-The-Flag Map

Find a suitable area

First of all: Find a suitable area! We recommend playing Neyon Clash in parks or green areas. It makes sense to find wider spaces with a variety of obstacles and chances to hide form other players.


Once you have found a suitable area, the first thing you need is a map border. To draw it in, go to the menu on the bottom right and select "Game Border". Suddenly you can use a location cursor. The X on the cursor shows you where you can set a game border point. As soon as you press the pin button the first point of the game boundary is set. Then you move the cursor to the next point. You can also create much more detailed boundaries. A hint: If you zoom in you can set borders much more precisely. If we are done with the border hit the check mark to save the border. Once you have created a border, you should think about which mode the map should be suitable for. Some modes require certain elements. Today we focus on a capture-the-flag map for two teams. CTF maps need at least one flag and at least one spawn point, because flags are always returned to spawn points. You could create a simple map with a neutral flag in the middle or you could assign the flags to the teams and give each team a spawn point. In today's lesson you choose the last option.

Spawn Points

To do this, you first set two spawn points on opposite sides your map. For this you go to the menu again and choose spawn point this time. As with the map borders you get a location cursor and set the spawn point at the desired position. Once youI have confirmed with the pin button, You can now select the team. You select team 1 and then do the same again with the second team.


Now you still need the flags, which are to be captured in the game and brought back to the spawn points. Therefore you go to the menu again and choose this time flag point. As with the other elements you set the flag with the location cursor to the desired point. You place the flag for team 1 near the spawn point for team 1, so that team 2 doesn't have it too easy. Of course also vice versa.

Don't forget to save!

Neyon Clash Map Editor

Now you can draw two more barriers, so that the spawn point cannot be shot at randomly from the other side. Of course it makes most sense if you play maps on which there are real obstacles. You can then draw them accordingly. Now just save it under a suitable name and your map is rea dy. You only have to open a capture the flag game with the map and your friends can join. That's it. Have fun clashing!

Video Tutorial

In our newset Youtube-Video you can learn step-by-step how to create a capture-the-flag map. Make sure to follow us on Youtube to receive latest Tutorials and updates on the game.

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