Huge game mode variety

Choose your favourite out of many exciting and self-configurable game modes.


The classic mode, playable in different variants including a team version.


An item-based game mode. Focus on gathering powerful items.


Conquering key areas on the map and receiving points for defending.


Mode based on capturing the enemy flag and bringing it to the homebase.

Choose your class!

Choose between four perfectly balanced classes with a huge variety of skills.


A versatile all-rounder with a lot of stamina and strong offensive qualities.




A healing specialist with strong team-abilities and weak offensive qualities.


An agile class specialized in finding and revealing enemies.


A mastermind specialized in static and protective abilities.

Vision Statements

“Our motivation is to develop the first mobile sports game in which people meet in the real world, play sports and play a digital game. With Neyon Clash we want to offer video players the opportunity to experience their environment in a completely new way. Against the background of the strongly growing interest of young people in mobile games, Neyon Clash is intended to offer them an alternative that promotes physical activity and social encounters. Problematic developments caused by classic video games can thus be counteracted.


Therefore Neyon Clash as the first mobile sports game of its kind creates a unique combination of gaming and reality. We want to bring people closer together again and give the shared time more quality and less anonymity. With Neyon Clash players will experience exciting games against real players and explore their surroundings. Best of all, you'll always have the equipment with you.” ​


Nico Kotsapanajotou - CFO / CMO

“We are convinced that future video games will increasingly merge with reality. Games like Pokémon-Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have proven the potential of augmented reality games. We don't just want to pick up this trend, we want to develop it further. Our vision is to build a worldwide community for mobile sports games and to promote it continuously. We want our players to organize themselves into teams and leagues and to compete against each other in a variety of ways. The development of new content plays an important role for us in order to permanently motivate and challenge our players.

We are convinced that Neyon Clash has the potential for a large worldwide mobile sports community. In our vision we assume that in a few years players will consume a lot of the content via virtual reality gadgets (such as Google Glasses) and that the augmented reality principle can be further expanded with every technical innovation. The knowledge gained during the development of Neyon Clash in terms of content and technology will form the basis for numerous other mobile sports games.”

Martin Brehme - CEO

Neyon Clash - a new multiplayer experience

Build your own worlds

Create your own maps and game types in a fully flexible mobile map editor.

Compete around the globe!

Fight for ranks in your hometown, in your country or worldwide. Take part in annual ladders and championships!

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Reaktor Berlin's focus is on mobile sports games. Games that encourage people to get active and meet each other in real life.


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