Neyon Clash goes Kickstarter!

How can i help?

There are several ways to support the campaign. It is most important that the Kickstarter platform sees active participation in our project early. This will effect the visibility on the platform drastically. So you won't necessary have to spend money, though it is the best way to support a successful campaign.

None-monetary actions


Just browse our through the campaign and spend time onsite.



Share the campaign in your social network.



Save the campaign in your Kickstarter profile. Account required.

Actions that require a funding

We have prepared a lot of awesome rewards within our campaign, but you can also support the project with an individual amount of money. Even 1,- EUR is possible. If done so, you will be able to do a lot of greath things to support us further.



Suport the campaign with any amount of money.



Like or comment campaign updates.



Post a comment in the project.

The earlier you start to suport the better. The Kickstarter algorithm rates early participation way higher, which is important to gain platform visibility.

Thank you for your support!

Martin, Jan & Nico


We have just launched our Kickstarter Campaign. At this point, we will need your help, but it's not only about backing the campaign with money. There are several other ways, how you can help. No matter what, you will need to have or create a Kickstarter account. But first, checkout out our campaign here: