What is Neyon Clash?

Neyon Clash is a location based real time multiplayer game. Dominate your hood in a fast-paced mobile shooter around your real location. 


What is the state of the project? 

Currently our developers are working night and day on the new Unity gaming engine. The closed Alpha will start end of April and the Open Beta in May. We will also launch a Kickstarter campaign in June.

How can i support the project?

Our Kickstarter campaign starts on the 1st of July 2021 - you will help us, if you bookmark our project in advance:

How can i join the Alpha / Beta?

Join our Community on Discord:


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Also check our Website https://www.reaktor-berlin.com/ for the latest News.

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What will be coming up in the next months? 

We will deliver a lot of stunning features in the next months and evaluate the usage of our app to improve it’s core features, tech stack and usability. We plan to also launch a Kickstarter campaign in June.

Thank you for your support!

Martin, Jan & Nico