What is Neyon Clash?

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Neyon Clash is a mixture of laser tag, paintball, ego shooter and augmented reality games like Pokémon-Go. The world's first real world multiplayer action game that blurs the boundaries between smartphone and reality - hosted in a highly scalable cloud infrastructure.

Neyon Clash -

A location based

multiplayer game

Our focus: Real World Multiplayer Action Games

Reaktor Berlin gives both occasional and frequent players a chance to pursue their hobby and achieve a positive health effect by playing our real world multiplayer action games. While classic video games generate few real encounters and therefore little social added value, Neyon Clash places great emphasis on bringing players together in physical encounters. For this purpose, there are various in-game features that simplify communication and the arrangement of joint activities.


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Meet The Team

Martin Brehme - CEO

“We are convinced that future video games will increasingly merge with reality. Games like Pokémon-Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have proven the potential of augmented reality games."

Nico Kotsapanajotou - CFO / CMO

"Neyon Clash creates a unique combination of gaming and reality. We want to bring people closer together again and give the shared time more quality and less anonymity."

Jan Weigel - Head of UI / UX

"The first time I tested the prototype for Neyon Clash, I immediately felt like I was back in my childhood. A long forgotten excitement, fantasy and enthusiasm were immediately noticeable."

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Reaktor Berlin's focus is on Real-World-Multiplayer-Action-Games. Games that encourage people to get active and meet each other in real life.



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